Buy Black with Local Black™

NationwideLocal Black™, a new Strategic Spending Platform™,  wants to show you how to “Buy Black”.

Created by Local Black™, in partnership with Feature Team Software, LLC,  the project offers the beginnings of a game-changing platform that aims to change what it means to “Buy Black”.

“Buying Black is about more than shopping at Black-owned businesses; it’s about ensuring that our Black dollars end up going into the pockets of people in our community at least once - the money has to bounce to us at least once in the lifetime of that dollar.”

Local Black™’s goal is to become MORE than a business directory, but rather a marketing and distribution channel for Black goods and services.

The first integrated service, Local Black Insurance Agents™, has a goal to help Black consumers find and utilize insurance services provided by Black Insurance Agents, while also helping Black Insurance Agents attain more Black customers in their local communities.

“Black wealth is only attained by investing in Black people.  Traditionally, Black people, who have trillions of dollars of annual spending power, invest their wealth in communities who do not invest money into our communities.  They take our money to enrich their own communities.  There’s nothing wrong with other communities doing that, what’s wrong is we keep giving them our money and we keep expecting them to help us when we should be helping ourselves.  It’s a small choice that costs you no money to Make the Switch™ to a Black Insurance Agent or other Black Service Providers.”

For some time, the Pittsburgh-based company has been quietly and steadily putting together a suite of services and software applications that will create new business opportunities for Black-owned businesses and service providers wanting more opportunity to serve Black communities.

Now, Local Black™ is entering a new phase in its evolution with its collaboration with Feature Team Software.  Working together, this partnership helps open doors for new opportunities and growth by providing new services to both the Black business and consumer communities. 

In fact, this collaboration has not only produced the Local Black™ platform and Local Black Insurance Agents™, but also the following services, which will be launching soon:

Local Black Causes™
Pay Black™
Ad Black™

For now, Black Insurance Agents can start gaining new customers by getting your business, and its services, listed at

Insurance customers who would like to Make the Switch™ and hire a Black Insurance Agent for their insurance needs, create your free Local Black™ accounts at

And that’s just the beginning!  Stay tuned for more good news from this Pittsburgh company.

About Feature Team
Feature Team™ is not a software consultancy, but rather a software partner for your organization.  Bring your company’s software product idea, and Feature Team™ will build business, technical and support teams around your idea and work with you to bring it to life.

About Local Black™
Local Black™ is a digital platform that allows you to discover, grow and celebrate Black business by giving you opportunity to do business with Black service providers and businesses in your local communities.
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