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Our vision is for every Black business or service provider to have all African-Americans in their community as paying customers.

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Let's share a few things about us.

March, 2020, in Springfield, Ohio, during the worst pandemic in the history of the United States, the only grocery store on the "South Side" of Springfield was closed by the grocer.

You can read an article about that here.

For those who know anything about Springfield, Ohio, they know that the "South Side" is the "Black" part of town.  Though the grocery store was never the cleanest grocery store, and though the grocery store was pretty run down with no true remodeling done for decades, it was a grocery store where people in the community could purchase groceries, and as stated earlier, it was the only grocery story on this particular side of town.

The owner of the grocery store is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, grocer in the entire country and they knew this was the only grocery store on this side of town, but they closed it anyway and basically made the "South Side" of Springfield, Ohio a "Food Desert". 

There are senior citizens who don't drive who now need to find ways to get groceries from other parts of the city -- and like I mentioned earlier, this all happened during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic tearing through the world and the country.

Hearing this story made us work even harder on completing our Strategic Spending Platform™, Local Black™.  We understand that if the Black community had continued to practice Group Economics, as our people were forced to practice long ago, we would have no "Food Deserts" in any of our communities across the nation.

What are Group Economics...

In theory, Group Economics refers to groups of people who pool their resources to accomplish something they otherwise might not be able to do as individuals.

In the Black community, Group Economics tends to arc towards “communalism” in spending, which basically means strategically spending Black dollars with Black businesses, where possible, because Group Economics not only helps us manage our own employment numbers, increases the quality of our schools, increases our social and community capital to help manage politicians and the policing of our communities, but it also allows the community to take all of the money and extra money it could make and invest in new businesses in our communities, like say, a grocery store...

Our purpose at Local Black™ is to help plant the seeds of Strategic Spending in all of our Local Black™ communities around the country.  Our aim is to be more than a business directory for your goods and services, but we also want to become a distribution channel to help you sell your goods and services to all Local Black™ communities, where possible.

- The Local Black™ Team